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Kostal New at Power & Signal Group: KOSTAL
We are glad to announce our new cooperation with KOSTAL. KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH is a company in the KOSTAL Group specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of electro-mechanical components, with particular emphasis on connectors. These are mainly application-specific products for the automobile industry. KOSTAL has been developing innovative and technically sophisticated solutions for over 75 years.
Isabellenhütte We are expanding our product portfolio
In order to extend the existing product portfolio the Power & Signal Group is adding ISABELLENHÜTTE as a new supplier. ISABELLENHÜTTE is one of the global leading manufacturers of electrical resistance and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement and passive components. ISABELLENHÜTTE products are used in various systems in the automotive sector: motor controllers, fuel injection, driving assistance systems and energy management systems. Furthermore ISABELLENHÜTTE products can be found in applications like ignition, lighting systems, water pump, transmission and locking systems.