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   Connection Systems

Connection Systems

ATC/ACS Connection Systems
The Active Connector/Terminal System 2.8 is designed for engine compartment and device connections.


BTS Connection Systems
The Block-seal Terminal System 2.8 & 1.5 are designed for inline and device connections.


CTS Connections Systems
The Compact Terminal System 2.8 & 1.5 are designed for inline connections.


Delphi Automotive USB Consumer Port
With increasing consumer demand for more entertainment and data exchange within the automobile, Delphi has collaborated on the development of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface between the automotive electrical system and external consumer equipment. Delphi's automotive USB consumer port allows for high-rate communications of information and entertainment data including music streaming, audio/video, and passenger convenience systems. The USB interface is on its way to becoming a common automotive standard, prompting OEMs to place multiple ports throughout the vehicle interior for passenger convenience.


Delphi Compliant Pin Technology
Delphi, a worldwide leader in automotive connection systems, has integrated compliant pin technology into several of its automotive connection products. This advanced technology is utilized in device connectors and integrated connector/module housings to press-fit solderless electrical contacts onto printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. When a compliant pin is inserted into a plated-through-hole (PTH) of a PCB, it creastes a reliable, gas-tight contact.


Delphi Heavy Duty 1.00mm Vane Connection System
Delphi's Heavy Duty 1.0mm Vane Connection System (HD-V100) is designed specifically for the harsh underhood environments of commercial vehicles. The connection system is available in 50 way and 60 way configurations with both female harness connector and mating header. The connection system features a 1.0 mm Vane terminal (V100), which offers a unique one piece design with four contact points.


DHD Heavy Duty Connection Systems
Delphi’s heavy duty connection systems can be used in any application where there is a need for power and signal distribution utilizing a connector with small terminal centerline spacing while still being able to conduct currents up to 100 amps. This system is designed as an in-line or panel mount connection intended for use in harsh environments such as under-hood, transmission harness, etc.


DSQ Connection Systems
The Double Terminal System Quadro 1.5 & 2.8 are designed for inline and device connections.


Ducon products accommodate a wide range of electrical current, and are available in many different configurations. The connection system maintains small overall dimensions while offering rugged reliability.


GT Connection Systems
The GT Connection System features tangless terminals and offers one of the lowest connector engage forces in the industry. Designed for both 1.50 and 2.80 mm blade width applications, GT achieves superior electrical performance that meets or exceeds all known customer requirements, including USCAR standards. More...


Metri-Pack Connection Systems
Metri-Pack is a family of electrical connection systems, which utilize internationally standard male blade sizes allowing for flexibility in design. Blade sizes range from 1.5 mm to 8 mm with current capabilities ranging from 14 to 60 amps. Ideal for sealed and unsealed applications in motors, switches, sensors, junction boxes and other devices. More...


Micro-Pack Connection Systems
Micro-Pack is a family of electronic connection systems designed to meet the needs of high-density applications in the automotive industry. Filtered or shielded systems are available for protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). A 1mm male pin is used in both the 100 Series (unsealed) and 100W Series (sealed) systems. The 100 Series female terminal utilizes a box design with four contact points, while the 100W Series female employs a sleeve configuration.More...


MTS Connection Systems
Micro Terminal System (MTS) 064 is a high performance connection system that features a female terminal with uniquely designed 'two-stage' contact geometry. The female terminal makes four points of contact with the male pin at two different levels or 'stages' to allow for low mating and un-mating forces.


Power Pack Connection Systems
The Power Pack Series is an advanced connection system designed for high current/high power applications. The series features a sealed connection with current carrying capability up to 200 amps at 105°C. The series provides in-line or direct mating to high power devices, including: sealed in-line systems, sealed right angle systems, or sealed panel mount headers (mating to in-line or right angle connections). The Power Pack connection systems can be used for 0-600 volt AC/DC power systems for automotive, commercial on-road and off-road vehicles, hybrid vehicles and industrial applications.


Weather Pack Connection Systems
Weather Pack is an environmentally sealed electrical connection system designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, harsh engine compartment fluids and chemicals. Terminals (pin and sleeve) are tin-plated and have special core wings, which allow crimp-only terminations, eliminating the need for solder. The connector and cavity seals are triple-ribbed and made of self-lubricating silicone. This material increases seal lifetime and reduces system assembly force.